Hello and welcome to my online store!
Here you will find a catalog of my merchandise and my custom made drumsticks. These are found here exclusively!    
...yes, I am very excited about it…!!
Also, below the catalog you can find some links with other drum products I use and recommend to my friends.
Thank you so much for the love and support!

Lesson Squad is a page where I offer drum lessons and I have a list with recommended drum equipment that has shaped my sound as a professional drummer. Click on the link below and after that you can click on each product you are interested in. This will take you directly to the stores where you can see the item details and purchase the product.
Soultone Cymbals are a great choice for a complete professional sound. I use them and recommend them to everyone. The link below will take you to a catalog where you can buy cymbals with a discount. If you are interested in some particular models or if you just need advice and info on them send me an email (kostamosyiac@gmail.com). I will be glad to help you and also…you can get an extra 10% discount by using my code KostamosSpecial. Also if you want to see the product details and listen to the audio/videos, go to the main Soultone website (www.Soultonecymbals.com).
Visit the link below and use the promo code KostamosSpecial:
R-Stick drumsticks is a small but amazing company making great quality custom drumsticks. I wanted to give it a shoutout because It has been my No1 choice for more than a decade and everyone involved in making the best customized sticks for me, have been incredible to work with. On the endorsements section of my website you can get more details about the products or you can take a look here:



Skygel damper pads are also another product you cannot find easily in the U.S. This is similar to the known moongels with the difference that this is a higher quality product, doesn’t fold up in time, lasts longer and it is easier to clean with soapy water. If you like dampening your snare or your toms, you should definitely try this awesome product.

For years now many of my friends have been asking me about my story, my drumming, my equipment, my custom drumsticks…and lately, my merchandise.
So, for my 10 year anniversary in the United States, I have decided to launch my online store and…enjoy this ride!
It has really been an amazing and crazy ride so far!
From Greece to U.S.A and all involved in between, from nothing to something, knowing almost nobody here trying to do a startup without any safety net…. Yeah, it really has been an experience!
…..oh wait, yeah….about the store.
My custom drumsticks R-Stick were my very first endorsement in 2009 and Georgios Zachos was one of the very first people who believed in me and supported me all the way to Austin. He and the great quality drumsticks are the reason of me “sticking” around.
These cannot be found in any other drum store in the USA or Greece (R-Stick only), so here is your chance to get a good pair of quality custom made signature drumsticks.
I have designed three different custom made models for different needs and music styles, and you can find them all here.

Now, about the t-shirts...
One day, I had an idea of making a t-shirt with the quote "enjoy the ride" which combines the story of my extremely difficult start up in the US and my Ride cymbal, with the humorous tone that represents my personality. A few people really liked my idea and wanted to have something like it also.
Now, everyone loves it and you can find yours here too, as well as other cool stuff.
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the help along the way all these years, to my friends and family for the love and continued  support and to you who are reading this right now. Even if you can’t  buy anything, thank you from the bottom of my heart.