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Kostamos is a drummer from Athens, Greece.


Kostamos Yacoumis
Kostamos Yiacoumis


Kostamos Yiacoumis was born on August 9, 1984 in Nea Halkidona-Athens, Greece. At the age of 7, he started his musical education by taking piano lessons and at the age of 15 Kostamos decided to study drums.

Kostamos began his professional career as a drummer in 2005 and collaborated with several notable Greek musicians and singers-songwriters. At the same time he also started giving drum lessons.


In 2010, Kostamos helped form the band The Secret, which was selected to participate in the “EUROVOICE” contest. After several weeks of audience voting, The Secret were named the winners and their song “In the Arms of an Angel” was featured in the televised finale.


Kostamos moved to Austin, Texas (USA) in February 2013 to continue his musical career.

In April, he became a member of the rock band One World (R)evolution. By the end of the same year they started the recordings for the album “Love Is the Answer”, which was released in 2017.


In the summer of 2014, Kostamos met the extraordinary guitarist and songwriter Jose Barragan (Sefo).  For 5 years, they were performing shows all over Texas, touring Spain and making an exceptional impact in Austin’s music scene.


In 2016, Kostamos also became a member of the international rock band Bull y Los Bufalos.

On August 31,  2019 Kostamos and the band Bull y Los Bufalos were awarded in several Spanish Rock categories at the MXD MAG (Maxima Distorzion Magazine) Rock and Metal Awards 2019.

-Best Hard Rock Band in Texas

-Best Hard Rock Drummer in Texas

-Best Alternative Rock Drummer in Texas


In  2017 Kostamos joined the Deann Rene Band and they have been performing together since then.

In late 2019, the Deann Rene Band started recording their new album which is expected to be released in 2021.


In 2018, a supergroup of many talented musicians in Austin formed the band Tex Zep, paying their tribute to one of the greatest bands of all times, Led Zeppelin. With

Kostamos on drums, Tex Zep have performed many sold out shows in the greater Austin area, offering an unforgettable experience  to their audience.


In early 2020 Kostamos was in the studio recording a new EP with the band Rockwell Harrison, which is currently in the works and expected to be released in late 2021.


In 2021  Kostamos Yiacoumis and Caleb Rojas have joined forces to create a new band called Onomatopoeia, a project based on international sounds, ethnic melodies and Native American spirit.


Currently he performs with Gary Cain Band, Deann Rene,  the Led Zeppelin tribute band Tex-Zep, Onomatopoeia, and The Dark Side Of the Moon project.

He is also involved with many artists, bands and music jams such as Bull y Los Búfalos, Sefo, Thunderosa, Jocelyn Donegan, RJH, Mojo Jam, Coleslaw & The Po’Boys, AMP Jam, Jose Pasco, Rockwell Harrison, and Top Choice.


In addition Kostamos has appeared as guest drummer for Austin artists such as Guy Forsyth, Chris Duarte, John Gaar Band, Jeska and the Vanity Project, Ulrich Ellison and Tribe, David Henderson, Erez, Jeff and the Jumptones, and Mauricio Callejas.

Kostamos Drummer
Kostamos Yiacoumis Hutto Austin Texas

Kostamos Yiacoumis Drummer for Session in Austin Texas

Drummer in Austin Texas
Kostamos Yiacoumis was born on August 9th 1984 in Nea Halkidona-Athens, Greece.

Kostamos Yiacoumis
Kostamos Professional Session Drummer

Kostamos Yiacoumis
Kostamos is a drummer from Athens, Greece. In February 2013 Moved to Austin, TX, USA to keep on rocking for his happiness... Welcome and enjoy!

Kostamos Professional Drummer
Kostamos began his professional career as a drummer in 2005 and collaborated with several notable Greek musicians and singers

Kostamos & Kastronovo
MXD Mag Texas Awards
Deen Castronovo & Kostamos Yiacoumis
R stick Drumsticks
Kostamos supports R stick Drumsticks
R stick Drumsticks
Kostamos Sefo
Performing with Sefo
Kostamos and Sefo Project
Kostamos Yiacoumis
Kostamos Yiacoumis
Kostamos Yiacoumis Live
Kostamos Award
Kostamos Texas Award
Kostamos Award
Kostamos Bull Y Los Bufalos
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